Few Bookmarks Questions

When I add a bookmark to a document and then type within the little bubble after the asterisk, the bookmark isn’t appearing when I choose View–>Text Bookmarks. Instead it says “No Bookmarks.” I got it to work a few days ago but I have no idea what I did differently then.

Also the manual says you can view the list of bookmarks in “the header view icon menu.” I’m not sure what that means. I looked everywhere and can’t find the list.


Couple thoughts:

  1. You need to leave a space after the asterisk when you type in the bubble; if there’s no space, Scrivener will not recognize it as a bookmark.
  2. The bookmarks only show for the current document, so you need to be viewing the document containing the bookmark in order for it to show up in the View menu.

The “header view icon” is the icon to the left of the title in the editor header (if you don’t see a header at all, check View>Layout>Show Header View). If you click the icon, you’ll get a bunch of options, including bookmarks:header icon.png

Mimetic, thanks! You answered both of my questions.