Fewer fonts after new download


I recently bought a new laptop and installed a much newer version of Scrivener than I’ve used on my old one. However, when I copied my documents I discovered that almost all fonts I use for my project are not available.

I wonder if it is suppose to be this way, and if there is a way to add more fonts?

Thank you for your time!

As Scrivener doesn’t care about what fonts are used, I don’t think it installs any fonts, but relies on using the fonts installed in the main OS font library.

I suspect that the fonts on your old machine were installed by other software apps that you have not (yet) installed on your new laptop.

Thank you!

The fonts appeared after I installed Office. It’s a shame though that you have to rely on other software for that. You would think that fonts is pretty important for a writing program.

Hi Kajsa

Good to hear you found the fonts that you wanted.

As Scrivener is concerned with writing rather than typesetting, the fonts used are unimportant (to the developers). I assume the developers of Scrivener are happy for the program to work with the system fonts installed by OS X or Windows. Users can always install the fonts they like.

I also assume (don’t know for sure) that if Scrivener installed additional fonts, there would be an unwelcome impact on the price of the software, given the licensing costs involved. Of course, I might be wrong about this! Maybe one of the mods will explain more if they read this thread.

Good luck with your writing

Briar Kit

Most word processors (let alone $45 writing programs) do not install system fonts for that very reason, it is really expensive! For good fonts, it is in fact so expensive that Microsoft has been commissioning their own fonts for many years in order to avoid packaging expensive professional fonts in their software and operating systems. That is likely what you are getting when you installed Office (I don’t know for sure, I don’t have the Mac version).

If we did include fonts, they would probably be more along the lines of free to distribute fonts that are oriented towards writing (such as Courier Prime and Inconsolata). But, these are free fonts, you can go and download them yourself right now, and only end up with the ones you actually want, to boot. :slight_smile:


I had no idea that fonts were so expensive, then it makes sense that Scrivener doesn’t install them. I’m dependent on Office anyway for my other documents, unfortunally, but at least this means I have the fonts I like.

Thank you for explaining =) I really appreciate understanding something more thoroughly.