Figure numbers based on chapter and position

Hello all,

I have seen lots of posts regarding this issue, but I cannot get my head around it.

I have started to use Scrivener 3 (Windows) for my technical report writing (because it is awesome!). However, I am really struggling with figure numbering. I am using scrivener to output to MultiMarkDown, and then use Pandoc to covert to DOCX and TEX. The reason for this is that my supervisors like it in DOCX to review, but I would like the flexibility to then publish in LATEX once the review has been completed, so for me, the Multimarkdown output gives me that flexibility.

So far, I have used the basic figure numbering that comes with Scrivener using the <$n:figure:Fig_name>, and it works well for sequential numbering across the entire document. However, what I would like to do is number them by chapter and sequence, so Figure 1.1 for the first figure in chapter 1.

My binder is setup as shown below:


I reference my figure as:

<$img:C:\Research\Active Research Projects\Scriv_Test\Figures\colour\mine.png>

Figure <$n:figure:openpit>: This is a mine

How can I include the chapter number as part of the figure number? Is this something I should leave to PANDOC to sort out?