Hi everybody,

I’m new with scrivener and I want to write my researchs with it. But, like others, I need a solution to make references to figure, tables and equations easily. I’m really looking for in the forum any tips to do this but nothing works on Windows versión. Now I feel a bit exhausted .

Can anybody share a simple example with an image reference for instance?. It does’nt mind if I have to use Metadata, Multimarkdown, Links or whatever.

In my opinion it could be very usefull to people who are writing Scientific Papers.

Thank you everybody in advance

Check the Windows_Placeholders.pdf document, pages 7-8.

Find that document here:

It’s mentioned a few pages down in the leading post in this board. Download that thing, study it. See if it works (not everything is working yet; we’re still in beta). It’s almost certainly what you’re looking for.

The latest placeholder PDF document is also available in Scrivener under the Help > “List of All Placeholders…” submenu.