File Close Project

FILE CLOSE PROJECT should NOT close scrivener

Scrivener is not the project.

FILE EXIT Does this just fine.

What happens here depends upon your settings. If you’ve disabled the option to show the new project template window when closing all projects, then there will be no windows left to activate and the software will close. As far as I know this is entirely normal behaviour. I don’t see Word refusing to shut down when I close the last document window.

I did not change any setting.

The default should be to close the project not the program. That is what File Exit is for.

And FILE CLOSE in Word does exactly as expected: the file closes and Word stays ready.

It wasn’t an accusation, changing settings is perfectly fine. I was describing the intended behaviour so that you would know what to expect.

Everything does not actually have to work like Word. :slight_smile: There is a lot variety out there, if you look at various programs.