File Contents Disappearing

In the past couple of weeks the contents of some of the topic files in my Scrivener projects (this has happened in two different projects) have been disappearing. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. I close Scrivener and all the contents are there; I open Scrivener the next time and some files are empty. I am not using Dropbox and I am backing up locally.

Onedrive ?
Are your projects on your desktop ?

I’ve been hiding them from OneDrive, but I don’t know how successfully. They’re in the Mirror folder used for my Seagate backup.

I’d make sure that OneDrive is set to leave everything accessible offline. Meaning it makes a copy, ok, but it doesn’t move/remove your files from your computer.

Same with that Seagate, if perhaps it is designed to do the same.
Save you space by removing files you need. ← That’s an attempt at sarcasm.

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As @Vincent_Vincent 's line of inquiry suggests, this sounds like a sync issue we commonly see, wherein the items appear in the binder but the main editor appears blank. I’d look to that, first.

What do your automatic backups look like? Is the missing text there?

I just checked (can’t believe I didn’t think to check earlier) and the text is missing in the backups as well.

Before you do anything else, go to your OneDrive and download the project to somewhere that is not your desktop. (Don’t use built-in folders like “Documents” either. – Create your new location if need be. Something like C:\project restore\ )
Once done, with Scrivener closed, navigate to that project’s new location, and launch it by double-clicking the .scrivx file. (That’s the file with Scrivener’s logo.)
See what state this version of your project is in.
If all is right, that is your new version.
Rename it (either completely or suffix it FIX) so that there is no confusion with the previous (now scrap) backups/version(s). → Either close Scrivener and rename the project folder then relaunch by double click on the .scrivx file like before, or save as from within Scrivener. (The first way the best, since it doesn’t spawn even one more version to be confused with…)

If all goes according to plan, make a new zipped backup immediately.

Do not delete anything from OneDrive until you are 100% positive you now have a properly restored version of your project.