File Corruption - Possible Bug?


I have Scrivener both on a Mac and on Linux (Linux Mint 11). I’ve been using dropbox to sync my .scriv file for NaNo. I noticed that I had two .scrivx files in my folder, one of them added by dropbox (it was the most recent one edited on Linux) so I deleted the old one and renamed the newer version to the correct name.

Scrivener on my mac will open the file just fine. But Scrivener on Linux, when I open the file, somehow it’s corrupted and goes to 0 bytes. I copied over the backup, and same thing happened again. Whenever I try to open the file on Linux it just gets corrupted.

I tried opening other project files and they open fine, no corruption. I am not sure if this is a bug in the Linux version or if I’m doing something wrong.


The zero-byte bug is known (it wasn’t platform specific), and a fix is already implemented but not yet built for Linux. It’s already been built for Windows, so it shouldn’t be too long now. If you have a WINE distribution already set up, you could try to get a jump on it earlier.

Ok, thank you very much for letting me know!