File corruption with latest version

I think I’m having file corruption on the current version. What happens is that chapters with the underlying files are duplicated with a “-1” after the chapter name. I’ve never seen this before the current update which expires at the end of May (if I remember correctly).

I’m keeping the files in DropBox which has always worked properly if I made sure the files were uploaded before closing the lid. When I noticed it, I moved the duplicate chapters to trash. Now I just opened the project again and it’s happened again?

Any thoughts?

This is the way duplicated documents are automatically named. The “-1” suffix is auto-added. Most likely you have clicked Ctrl+D - (Duplicate) by mistake, which resulted into these new documents.

No I don’t think so. This is a novel I’m working on and it duplicated a number of chapters. I’m now trying to figure out if the original chapters are intact and correct. I’ve written several stories with Scrivener and never saw this before. I certainly could have pressed Ctrl-D on one chapter but not a whole list of them. Will dig deeper to see if I can find out more.

Are you syncing between multiple PCs?

To rule out accidental pressings of Ctrl-D as a cause, you could temporarily disable those keyboard shortcuts.

File > Options > Keyboard. Then scroll to the Documents section and remove the Key Sequence for both Duplicate Item shortcuts.

Just a thought. You can always add them back at any time.


Ctrl+D will duplicate all selected documents with its sub-documents, so one wrong shortcut trigger might result into multiple duplicate documents.