file counter doesnt add up?

maybe im getting bleary-eyed and tired, but… my screenplay has an egg off to the right saying 300 meaning i think i have 300 items… under it i have one title page and a folder called scenes that has a similar egg saying there are 298 items - am i somehow missing an item as the sum should be 299 and not 300? ?/ when i click on the screenplay file in corkboard mode, it does show two items as index cards – a single index card for the title page and a stack of index cards called scenes - again making me think the egg on the screenplay saying 300 is the sum of the title page and the scenes — but where is the 300th file? im confused… im sure it’s something obvious and ive just been awake too many hours ! thanks

300 is the count of all the descendent items–it includes the folder containing your 298 scenes. So 298 scenes plus 1 containing folder plus 1 title page = 300. :slight_smile:

oh ok — i didnt realize the “containing folder” was an item ---- thank you for explaining.

No problem. Since folders can also contain text themselves, besides their subdocuments, they’re counted equally with documents. Likewise document stacks (documents with subdocuments).

you wrote << Since folders can also contain text themselves, besides their subdocuments, they’re counted equally with documents. >> but im wondering how can a folder contain text unless it’s in a subdocument?

doesnt the text have to be in something ie a document? it just makes counting the “folder” as an item unto itself confusing - thx

Have you had a chance to go through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu)? I really recommend it if not, as it explains and walks you through a lot of these interesting and useful aspects of Scrivener that aren’t necessarily common to other programs.

Unlike in the Finder or most other applications, “folders” and “documents” in Scrivener aren’t really exclusively one or the other. So a folder can also be a document and can have text in it as well as subdocuments, and documents can also have subdocuments. If you click on a folder in the binder and then deselect the default view mode from the icons in the toolbar, you’ll see it loads a text view just like regular documents, and you can type there just like in your other documents. You can view folder text in Scrivenings sessions, etc. just like the text of other documents. Check out this FAQ for more explanation or §8.1.2-3 in the User Manual.

i knowwwwwwwwww… ive never taken the time to do the tutorial ----- im under waaayyyyyy tooo much of a time crunch to think i can do that - even tho i KNOW it’ll ultimately same me time ---- i think i have to just tough this one out til i finish this first script in scrivener… (ive done five in FD but like Scr a LOT more) ----- and hopefully some day soon i will find the time for the tutorial !

cheers !