File Dialog causes crash - EVERY TIME

I am running Scriv on Ubuntu 12.04, but this happened with ver 1.5.3 as well, and on Ubuntu 11.04. I can run Scrivener just fine on my desktop system, with no complaints. But when I run on my laptop, using an external monitor, Scrivener crashes whenever I try to open a file dialog. Load image from file, boom. Save to file, boom. Set the backup directory, boom. It doesn’t matter where or how I open the file dialog - BOOM! Every time.

I’d be happy to run an instrumented or debug version to collect a trace, if that would help. Hell, I’d even be happy to compile it myself, fix the bug, and commit the fix back. Whatever it takes. This is the only issue that is keeping me on the Windows/WINE executable, and I’d love to get off that horse and commit to the Linux version full time.

Of curiosity, are you using a proprietary graphics driver in Linux [System Settings | Details | Graphics]? kraml

I had this issue with Arch Linux in the brief few months I used it. I don’t have the issue with slackware (also 64 bit.)

I was using the NVIDIA drivers, for what it’s worth.

@garpu: I wonder if Jefficus should try backing out to the default Gallium driver, if he is using the NVidia proprietaries. Gallium is the only thing that works right for my dual setup (external) off the laptop port replicator.

I’d say it would be worth a try, but I’m using the NVIDIA-produced drivers now and I don’t have an issue. Maybe it’s the version? I had no end of problems with the 304 series, which is what came for Arch Linux when I was using it. (I’m 319 now, I believe.) The problems weren’t just with Scrivener, but anything that was the least bit graphic.

Edit: I think I’m using the nouveau drivers on my laptop with no issues. (Then again, that’s 32 bit, and I’ve never had the file dialog crash thing on a 32-bit system.)