File Does Not Exist

I had Scrivener open while playing a game in Steam, which crashed, taking the Mac with it. On restart, this system notification persists: “StartAgent cannot be opened because of a problem.” I don’t know if that relates to Scrivener, but reinstalling Scrivener hasn’t eliminated it. Meanwhile, I have two projects which appear complete, but attempting to open either generates this Scrivener message: “The document “White 99 project.scriv” could not be opened. The file doesn’t exist.” This when double-clicking the file, or choosing it under Recent.

Previous days’ backups launch - so I’m only looking at losing a day’s writing. Maybe 4,000 words. I would prefer to retrieve yesterday’s lost work. Anyone have a suggestion?

I don’t think the StartAgent thing is related to Scrivener. I’m not aware of anything of ours that would be identifying itself that way at any rate.

As for the projects, I’m not too familiar with an error message like that on the Mac. You’re double-clicking on the file in Finder, it’s right there in front of you, and it says it doesn’t exist? Maybe it’s a permissions issue? I’d at least eliminate the possibility with this checklist.

There are other things we can try as well, so if that doesn’t work we aren’t quite out of options yet.

I get “Backup file does not exist” all the time. I pretty much give up. I’ve got too many Scrivener editions, and it just doesn’t work with MS word any more. Too much file within file saved in dozens of places. Scrivener was great in the past, but now it’s just too damn complicated.