File -> Find all Projects in Spotlight does nothing


Can’t seem to find an answer to this in other posts (but I didn’t search too deeply) so apologies if it’s already been resolved.

My ‘File -> Find all Projects in Spotlight’ does nothing. Is this a known problem or do I need to do something on my Mac first?

I am using a Mac (Notebook Air, 4Gb Ram, El Capitan 10.11.2, 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5) and Scrivener 2.7.1


That capability is unfortunately no longer permissible for Mac App Store software, and we’ll be removing the feature from it in the future (it will of course remain in the direct-sale version). So that right there is one solution for you. It’s not too difficult to switch from the MAS version.

Alternatively you can just create your own saved search with Finder, using the File/New Smart Folder command. Search for the phrase, “kind:Scrivener Project”, and then save it somewhere convenient.

Aha! Thank you. I have set up the Smart Folder in Find. I will consider going to the direct sale version after I’ve had a coffee. Or once the coffee has worn off! :slight_smile: