File for tomorrow's class is suddenly corrupted

Help, help!

It must be punishment for paying for Scrivener–the file for my creative writing class is frozen on one entry. (One piece of beautiful writing.) Those 400+ words have replaced every other entry in the file. Not only can I finish the assignments, I can’t even check what the assignments were. Clicking on the titles in the binder doesn’t change anything; neither does typing in the name of a different title at the top of the screen. That just changed the name of the 400+ word segment.

And of course I didn’t back it up.

What can I do? Class is tomorrow…and I did nothing on paper; it was all in Scrivener.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Go to the SCR file.

Right Click on the SCR file and Select SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS.

Select all (command A)


Go to desktop and make a new Folder (RECOVERED TEMP)

Open that folder and paste.

Now on the copies you can go through the RTF rtfd files and see if you find your work.

Create a new PROJECT

either reimport the data from recovered or open each document select all the text and do copy and pasting.

If that makes any sense?

(PS were you using an old version of SCR or maybe the GOLD?)
If so Team Keith may have some other solutions for you to try.

You could send me the file. Did you import any web pages and are you running 10.4.11, out of interest?

It sounds like some weird internal error, but sending me the project (support AT literatureandlatte DOT com) would let me see what is happening.


Thank you, Wock! It worked, and I have my stuff back. How can I show my gratitude? My firstborn child would resist vigorously, and her husband would help her. How about 4-1/2 feet of snow and a dented shovel?

Keith, thank you as well. FWIW, I’m running Leopard 10.5.1 on an Intel MacBook. I tried to attach the file, but all Scrivener files are grayed out in Finder. Strange…

My undying gratitude for your quick responses…

You need to zip up the file before sending it.

Thanks for the tip. Here it is. It would be wonderful if there was something I could do to prevent this in the future.

Thanks for your help.

Ahem. I hate to tell you this… :slight_smile: You had “Lock in Place” turned on (you can tell by the way the header bar turns pink). “Lock in Place” locks the editor to the current document, so that selecting files in the binder has no effect (useful if you have two panes open and don’t want to accidentally change the document in one of the panes). So, there was nothing at all wrong with your project. :slight_smile:


Disgruntled husbands = very bad mojo

Brrrr I only envy snow if I can stay home from work or try to break one of my wings attempting a first try at snowboarding.

A dented shovel? Hmm sounds like something my wife my use on me :slight_smile: I better pass. She is already a dead shot with the cast iron skillet, don’t need to add to her arsenal of disciplinary tools.

For the future…

One thing I do is use the Scrivener BACKUP PROJECT TO (shift+Applekey+S)

I have a usb flash drive (thumb drive, jump drive) and every-time I add to one of my projects at the end of my “session” I make a backup to the USB drive. I usually keep about 5 of the last copies so in case I want to “go back” to a previous edit I can copy that zip file back to my HD and just use it. (I’m lazy like that. :slight_smile:

Also this helps if you are like me and tend to change your mind frequently.

But above all else it is a good way to have a few backups on something other than your main HD just in case something happened to your Computer or the HD. Or in this case if some anomaly happens.

I keep more than one backup because as added insurance of “just in case” my backup is corrupt I can go back to the previous one.

Thanks, Keith! I’m a little chagrined, but not too much (because I can always blame it on the cats). I feel much better now that my faith in Scrivener is justified.

I remember reading about Lock in Place in the tutorial, but of course it wasn’t something I would want to do…I suppose the cat stepped on the keyboard and duplicated a complex four-or-five step sequence (no, I haven’t looked it up).

Anyway, I feel much better, and I thank both of you for all your help. I will get right on that backup now.

Lock in Place has a simple keyboard shortcut - cmd-L - so you (or your cat) probably just hit that at some point. But like I say, the pink header bar gives it away for future reference. Anyway, this is my favourite sort of “bug”, because I have to do nothing. :slight_smile:
All the best,