File Format of Scrivener 1.0


Sounds good to me!!! :slight_smile:


MY Turn. Me three!
Actually I’m more concerned about having an elegant solution to exporting ALL the elements of a document including synopses, annotations and (unlike ScrivGold) notes. The one thing slowing me from using ScrivGold now is the feeling that my “notes” will be stuck in there.


Excellent news, Maria,

I should have dug around inside the packages earlier. I agree about the synopses, but at least they can be appended to exports. I was worried that my precious, though stupidly voluminous notes would end up in the ether. (Come to think of it, any chance the note field could be fully resizable in the next version? I need more room to spew.)

I fervently hope that Scrivener pans out and lives up to its great promise; but I’ve gotten a bit jaded by the fact that 20+ years of Mac development haven’t delivered one piece of software that supports the way writers - not typesetters or marketers - actually think.

It’s good to know I can just drag my notes back into the reliable but far-from-creative-writer-friendly DevonthinkPro if everything goes horribly horribly wrong. :confused:


You will be able to export (and print) everything, including notes, in version 1.0. The underlying file format will remain the same, and documents dragged in will still be converted to RTFD for editing.

Hope that answers your questions.