File from yesterday completely missing?

Hi, new to the forums, so apologies if I’m going about this the wrong way. When I opened scrivener today, it said that scrivener had crashed the last time it shut down - although it hadn’t given any signs of problems / crashing when I shut it down the evening before. I now can’t find the file I was working on yesterday - not in the backup folder, not through searching all .scriv files on my laptop, it’s like it never existed. Is there anything else I can do to recover this file?

Welcome to the forums, Scrivvvvvv! I’m sorry to hear about your work. So you’ve gone in under Scrivener > Preferences > Backup and clicked the “Open backup folder…” button, and there is no sign of the project in there? And you’ve searched your Finder/Spotlight for the extension “.scriv”?

Where were you saving the project? Directly on your hard drive, or on a cloud service or external drive?