File > Import > Files Binder inconsistency

I saw this in 2.7 but now also seen it in 2.8. In a project using the Novel with Parts Template I have the first Part selected and the various documents within the constituent chapters shown in Scrivenings mode. The cursor (insertion point) is located at the end of the last document on the last chapter of the selected Part. Having checked that that is where the cursor is positioned I then use File > Import > Files and select the external document I want to add to the project. The import document may end up Imported to the Part (outside of the chapter containing the insertion point) or to the Research Folder. There does not appear to be consistency here. Most times the Import puts the document in the Part but in one in four usages it ends up in Research.

By lack of consistency do you mean between types of files, or that if you import the same file five times the same way you get different results randomly?

The Draft folder can only contain text format files. All others will land in the Research folder, which can contain any file type.


The latter. Sometimes the Imported files will be added to my Draft/Manuscript folder and other times to Research. All the steps are identical as far as I can tell but the results are different.

Should have mentioned that these are all text files and created outside of Scrivener by the same software. They all have .rtf file types.

Where a file is imported to depends on which document is highlighted in the Binder, not on where the cursor is in the Editor. The Binder selection, especially in a Scrivenings session, may well be different.

Do you switch focus to the Binder before importing?


I have the Draft/Manuscript folder selected at all times because I’m composing in Scrivenings mode. I would except that folder to be where the Imported files end up, which some files do. The Binder selection won’t have changed for the Import as the Scrivenings are visible on screen. And when I need to Import two files one after the other (no edits to existing documents between the Imports only a waiting time for the second file to be generated by the external application) one can end up in Draft/Manuscript and the other in Research.

I just wondered, as I wasn’t clear from what you’ve said above, and thought I’d check. I’ve never had anything like that happen.

Profuse apologies.