File import troubles

Brand new to Scrivener. A coworker send me her manuscript and I cannot open it. It is a .scrivx file, but when I try to open it in Scrivener, I get a pop up box saying that the /Files/Data and /Settings folders are missing. What is going wrong and how can I fix it? Thanks!

Scriv x is the windows format must open the zip file it is in which contains all the associated files then open the scriv file. I am windows user

Thanks. I’m in OS, maybe need to find some way to convert…

ask the colleague to make and send you a backup. unzip the zip file into the folder where you keep your other Scrivener projects. that will give you all the files. Probably discussed in the manual how to do this. not at hand to check for you.

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The two platforms use the same format, you just need to get your colleague to send the whole project, per @rms’s advice.

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To clarify, on Windows computers, Scrivener files appear as a folder with a .scriv extension. The .scrivx file is the internal file that’s used to launch Scrivener projects on Windows. The entire .scriv folder has to be sent in order for you to be able to open and access it. They’ll want to compress the .scriv folder as a .zip file and then send it to you via email, etc.

Once you receive the entire file, you’ll need to double-click the file to unzip it, and then you can open it through Scrivener. On macOS, it will appear as one file with a .scriv extension, not as a folder. Windows and macOS display the file differently, though the contents are the same on both platforms and the file can be opened on both platforms.

Double-clicking the zip file on Windows (in my experience) opens the project contents so that it looks like a folder, but doesn’t extract it. If a user opens the project in that form, it can’t be edited because it’s still in the zip file. Instead, you have to right-click the zip file and choose to extract it.

@GLS said they’re on macOS, so double-clicking would be appropriate there. The coworker seems to be sending from a Windows computer.

Both platforms were mentioned in the comment, but not until later, so the sentence implies it’s true for both.