File is Destroyed [FIXED]

I upgraded to the 0.2.3 and lost most of my file - when I first opened the file, I was opening one of my older backup files, but now I can’t get the most recent one to open. When I click on the project, it just opens the old one. I am horrified. All of my research is gone. Everything that wasn’t a part of the manuscript. All I have is the compiled document that I made just before the upgrade. What do I do? This is really, really bad.

Oh - I’ve gone to my most recent backup also, and still nothing - it shows exactly the same as the old one I opened. What’s going on?

Hello wellwords,

I’m very sorry to hear you’re having problems. First, your data should all still be in the folder no matter what - take a look inside the Files/Docs folder and your most recent text documents should at least still be there as numbered RTF files. Obviously it shouldn’t be necessary to extract them manually, though - I haven’t heard of any problems with 023 destroying files on opening, updating or backing up, so could you please walk us through, step-by-step, exactly what you did, where the file is located, how you opened it, what messages you saw and so on?

Thanks and all the best,

Oh my god - after a really bad night last night, I finally found it. For some reason the copy being updated was one of my backup copies, not the main file that I thought I was using this whole time - I have no idea how that one happened. The main file that was supposed to be opened wasn’t the right one, so when I backed it up, it wasn’t happening.

So - not a bug, just a minor usability issue that caused a major freak-out on my part. I really don’t know how it started using the backup instead of the main file - they aren’t in the same folder or anything.

What a huge relief! I’m so glad you’ve found it. Did you happen to use “Save As” at some point when you created the backup? That would fork the project and have you continue working in the new copy, which you might’ve intended to be a backup. Alternatively, if you opened the backup at some point to check it and then just continued working in it accidentally, you could’ve just continued in that project without realizing. If you usually accessed the project via the “Recent Projects” list, you might not have noticed the difference.

Again–phew! :slight_smile: