File link does not work the same inside an annotation

I want to save some file links inside annotations. The links are to drawings that I am still editing outside scrivener, but I need them in place in my text flow. I don’t want to see the links when I “Compile Draft”, hence I put them inside annotations.

However, once inside an annotation I can no longer click on that link, or select it and use Services/Open URL.

By design, or a candidate for a fix?

I cannot reproduce this. Links work fine in annotations for me.

Clicking does work, I was earlier not even getting the finger-pointer over the annotation so must have gotten into a wrong mode. Sorry about that.

But selecting the link for “Open URL” does not work. Please try the following:

Drag an external file (e.g. omnigraffle, something Scrivener will not try to convert and import) into a the text of a document.

Drag the same file into the inside of an annotation.

Select each of the link texts.

Do Scrivener/Services/Open URL, to open the target file in its external application. For me it works in the text, but not in the annotation.

Edit: Just re-tested, and I can definitely get Scrivener into a mode where these links do not click correctly. Right now I have a link (in normal text), hovering gives me the finger-pointer I expect, but clicking does nothing; nor does right-click “Open Link”. I don’t know what I did to get into this mode, but I noticed it in Edit Scrivenings. Now it does not work outside Edit Scrivenings either, even after re-starting Scrivener. I know the link is right because selecting its text and Services/Open URL works fine (the file opens in Omnigraffle).

Ah ha, I understand what is happening now. I didn’t realise you were using an external service to open files and locations. Yes, that will in fact malfunction because Services utilise an application’s copy and paste functions. When you copy text in Scrivener, it gets handle in a special way when dealing with annotations. To preview what the Open URL service actually gets, you can do a simple copy and paste yourself. Select a normal link and copy and paste it into TextEdit. It should look identical. Now select a link inside of an annotation and copy and paste that into TextEdit. Now it should be wrapped in square brackets. Annotations are always wrapped in brackets like this in order to set them apart from non-comment text in applications that do not support such things (like Services).

One possible remedy would be to alter Scrivener’s behaviour so that when partial annotations are selected, and the selection does not span an annotation border, brackets are not added.

That sounds good to me.

Added to the “to do” list.