File Lock issue?

My set up has My Documents redirected to a server with synchronisation to each PC I use. I find that on occasions if I edit and close a project on a machine which I then shut down and resume editing on another machine Scrivener reports that the file is being edited by another user.


Hi Jeffrey,

The userlock file that Scrivener creates isn’t deleted until you close the project, so if you’re closing and then shutting down your computer immediately after, the sync may not have been completed. Make sure that you allow enough time for the sync to complete before you shut down your put your computer to sleep; otherwise when you work on your project on another machine, you may not have the most recent version and you could start to get conflicted files or other project corruption. If the project is syncing regularly from auto-saves while you’re working on it, it shouldn’t take too much longer after you finish for it to commit the last changes.