File lost in translation?


I’ve managed to crash Scrivener several times this morning as it works diligently to find and open the last project I was working on. I’ve lost my last session of writing, so I’m hoping I can retrace my steps with some assistance here.

I’m a grad student and have several Scrivener projects going at any given time; some of these were started when I was working on the free download, though I’m no longer sure which ones are which (certainly, some digging could tell me that, but I hadn’t done that). After about two weeks away, I returned to a project on Thursday and did some work on it. I believe this may have been a project that I began before the upgrade, but I’ve been juggling so many projects that never occurred to me, and I’ve never had trouble opening and working on it until this morning.

I am able to open saved versions of the document previous to the most recent one; yet when opening the last saved version, I get the message about the missing binder.scrivproj file - which, after reading some of the other threads here seems related to the previous version of Scrivener. Yet I’m only getting that message on one other file that I tried to open this morning (obviously, I double-checked a number of them).

I save my Scrivener projects to Dropbox, but I don’t do the External Synch (which I am just learning about this morning).

So, I suppose I have two questions -

  1. There wasn’t a whole lot of writing between the last version that I can open and the one that I can’t, but … you know. I’d love to recover it if I can, so suggestions on where to look or whether I should just hang that up are more than welcome, and
  2. Is there something I need to be doing to check my files to see if they are making the jump to 2.0 with me?

I love using Scrivener - it just helped me sail through some very complicated comprehensive exams, and I’m already setting up the bare bones of the dissertation on it, but this morning I am saddened by the loss of a couple of pages that I’M CONFIDENT were of genius-level scholarship! :wink: (I’m sure they’re better in memory than in actuality, but I’d still love them back.)

Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.

  • Carol

Oh cool! I was actually just able to find the rtf files within the most recent project folder and saved my timeless prose straight from there! Super!

But, you know - I’d love to not screw up my files again, as I’m almost entirely positive it’s something I did!

It sounds like Dropbox might’ve messed up a sync. Open your .scriv project package and check to see if under Files there’s a file entitled “version.txt” and that it contains the number “16” (no quotes). If it’s empty or doesn’t exist, create it and then try to open the .scriv project.