File management...

I have transcribed the 194 typewritten pages of father-in-law’s WW2 diary.
I would like to compile these into book form but there is a problem!
I have saved the pages as *.doc files in numerical order, eg 078.doc. Unfortunately I have discovered that the original pages were not stored in date order, so how to re-order them based on their content.
I have them all listed in an Excel index showing the first and last lines of each page.
Has anyone out there had a similar problem - any suggestions?

Perhaps I’m not understanding properly, but this is what I get from your post.

  1. You used a very old copy of MS Word to type up 194 pages of a document using one file per page.
  2. You plan to use Scrivener to put these all together in a book of some sort.
  3. The pages are all mixed up.

If this is the case, you would import into scrivener and then use the outline or corkboard feature to arrange them as you’d like.

One other step that would be helpful before moving them around its to split pages at the start of diary entries, I.e. if p. 100 has entries from three different dates, then split so each is in its own document .