File names of search results?

I wish to locate occurrences of a specific text within the 12 folders of my manuscript, each folder consisting of 10 or more text files, from the top most level of the manuscript hierarchy, the only location from which Scrivener evidently can scan the entire manuscript without resorting to duplicating the search request for each of the 120 text files…

The search function will take me to each occurrence in the entire manuscript, but I can see no way to identify which of the 120 text files the occurrence was discovered.


Hi Boruto,

It sounds to me like you are using Find (Edit > Find > Find).

Instead, try Project Search (Edit > Find > Project Search). See the Tutorial (Help > Interactive Tutorial) - Project Search is covered in the Searching section (Draft > Going Further > Searching). It’s also covered in the Scrivener Manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) section 11.1 Project Search.

If the Project Search feature doesn’t give you want you want, you might want to upload a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing.


If you right-click on a Search result and select Copy Document Link, the “id” at the end of the link is the name of the folder within the project that contains the resulting Content.rtf file.

But I think you would be better off by using something like FileLocator Pro from MythicSoft (they also have a free version called FileLocator Lite). It gives exactly what you are looking for, but it does not integrate with Scrivener.

I’m not sure the L&L folks want you messing around at that level of the project files because it could be easy to screw things up, which may be why you cannot get the full file name from the UI. But obviously, it’s your data, so you can do what you want with it.