File Paths Not Working

I sent a message to technical support about this and it’s been a few days. I don’t frequent this site and that means I often don’t know anyone has responded until a long time later. (I’d prefer to do this through email if possible. )

Since I installed Scrivener on my Samsung, the file paths won’t work. If I try to open a .scriv from the folder Scrivener says it’s not a Scriv file. Though I can open files through the scrivener menus.

If I try to import any files I get this is not a doc file. If I try to drop and drop, same deal. There is now no way to import files.

That’s a known (and filed) bug in the current Windows version. You have to open your projects from within Scrivener at the moment.

Just tested the 1.2.5 Update and I now can double-click on any *.scriv file and Scrivener opens.

Give it a try: … atform=win