File > Recent projects :: Oddity

I have my two projects in their own folders:

Dropbox>Writing>Boyd Project>Main Project Boyd.scriv
Dropbox>Writing>Taurus Project>Main Taurus Project.scriv


But when I start each morning after booting up and starting Scrivener I go to File > Recent Projects and always find this:

Why does it appear like this ? Why are the two Main files listed differently ? Any ideas ?

Is there another copy of “Main Project Boyd” in the recent list? That’s usually the reason for seeing a folder name included, if there are ambiguous titles.

Sorry AmberV … I thought I had replied days ago :unamused:

Yes there is one, dating back to January 2014, long before I started actually writing the story. It is unnerving … is there any way to remove an item from this list ?

Make more books. :slight_smile:

But no, there isn’t a really easy way of removing one entry. You can clear the entire list, from that menu, and then reload the projects you want to see in it.