File - Recent Projects - One project shown twice

I don’t think that it is that great an issue, but when trying to open a recent project, my thesis is shown twice amongst other projects, and, weirdly, also showing the full path.
It is definitely only once in the folder the path directs to. So I am just a bit worried about some sort of possible back-up confusion etc. and would be grateful if someone could clarify.

Thanks a lot!

Hmm. You might see this problem if you had inadvertently opened the project from a USB drive or a network drive, even if only briefly before saving it locally. You might also see it if you used the Save As command, thereby accidentally creating another copy of the project with the same name.

Searching your system for .scriv files will find any stray projects that might be sitting around. Once you’ve confirmed that you are indeed working with the correct copy of your project, you can clear the Recent Projects menu to avoid any future confusion.


Thanks for your reply. I did what you suggested, but this specific scriv file exists only once in my system. That’s why I find it so weird that Scrivener show it twice… ?