File>Recent Projects

File>Recent Projects gives Clear menu, but not recent projects. It worked properly a month ago.
Using Scrivener 2.7 with Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Can you help?

This list comes from your Mac system settings. You may need to change the selection for “Recent items” in System Preferences > General.

Thank you. System setting was set to None. Strange, because I had changed it to ten a while back. After changing setting to ten I opened a few projects and then I closed Scrivener and reopened. Still no Recent projects with Scrivener. I will next try shutting down Mac and restarting.

As far as I know, this sometimes happens on a system upgrade, possibly on point-upgrades in between the major ones. It’s happened to me, first on a system upgrade a few years back (Yosemite? Mavericks? I don’t remember), and not just for Scrivener. Now I always reset the system preference after a major upgrade, whatever it says.