File save button on Main toolbar/ rt click copy for pages

Would be nice to have a file save button on main toolbar and to be able to copy/paste etc page names by right clicking mouse and copying (now when i right click it unselects the text in the title).

Actually Scrivener is more like OneNote in that it auto-saves whenever you pause briefly, so a save button would be unnecessary.

As to the second problem, that should be filed as a bug, I’ll check on that. I’m sure it is a technical issue with that particular place. For example if you try from the Inspector and right click on title text from the index card, it works fine.

Just confirming the problem with right-clicking or dragging text in the editor header is already on the list. In the meanwhile, another option is to use the keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+A to select the title text in the header bar and then Ctrl+C to copy it.