File Shortcuts

I have multiple books in one Scrivener project, as it makes it easier to manage all the additional info around a single larger project, in this case a trilogy. Is there a way to have a single file included in multiple directories? For instance, if I have a trilogy, I want to have some separate back matter for each book. So I create a separate directory for each. But, if there’s a page in the back matter that is common to all the books, such as a list of all books I have published, it would be better to do it once, and simply have it included in all my compiles. I can’t find a way to do this.

What you want is the <$include> replacement tag. There are 2 ways to use it; Use a scrivener link on <$include> to associate it to the file that contains the text you want to duplicate… OR you can use the syntax <$include:Binder Title>; “Binder Title” must match exactly to the name of the binder item.

The $include tag will match the 1st file with that binder title that it comes to, so beware duplicate binder titles or editing them to change the title. You can’t combine both, sadly, so the more readable syntax doesn’t give you convenient clickable link to the source document.

Excellent. Thank you kindly.