file size issue

I imported a large .key file to scrivener then closed scrivener and realized that the file size of my scrivener file was HUGE. So I then trashed the .key file within scrivener and then imported a smaller .pdf version of the .key file but for some reason the scrivener file remains large as if it does not know that scrivener trashed the file.

This issue is causing my dropbox to fill up.

Please assist.


First thing to check–after you moved the item to the trash in Scrivener, did you also empty the trash? Nothing is completely deleted until the trash is emptied (preventing accidental deletions and such), so if you skipped that step then the file is still hanging out in the project, just relocated to the “Trash” folder. Right-clicking in the binder will let you empty trash, or you can choose it from the Project menu.

it’s definitely empty.

teh .key was over 1 gb full of video.

i have since realized tha this was probably not good.

but I’d really like to get the file size down.

it is wreaking havoc on my dropbox folder.


ok so I am using mac osx if I go to my finder and “show package contents” the .key file is still there.

If I delete that file will I corrupt my scrivener file?


Just to be clear, are you quite sure you have emptied the Trash IN SCRIVENER (not the Trash that has its icon in the Dock). The menu item in Scrivener is under Project (and at the bottom).

Pardon me if I am stating the obvious, but sometimes it is the obvious that slips through …



I did both.

but what do you think if I trash it from the package contents?


If it’s nowhere to be found in the binder, and you close the project before you delete the file, then it shouldn’t do any harm. Do a manual backup before you do that however, just to be on the safe side.

ok file size is fixed and the file opens.

i hope someone tries to replicate this and mark it down as a possible bug.

thx for help!