File size not shrinking when images deleted?

Hello everyone;

I have been using Scrivener for many things, a recent project is to assemble a cookbook of my family’s recipes. About 2,200 scanned recipes. I created the cookbook sections, then drag n’ dropped jpegs from the Finder, each onto its own chapter/article. At about 1000 in, I got nervous that I was asking a bit much of Scrivener, file size 499MB, so I stopped importing, and began instead to OCR the images with FineReader, replacing jpegs with text. I expected the file size to drop pretty signicantly at ~50% conversion, but it has not. Note, I am not moving the images to trash, rather I am using the delete key. Compilation time is approx 8 minutes, and it produces a 1,190 page PDF. Scrivener 3.1.5 (12258)

I have two questions:

  1. Am I correct to be concerned about file size, and is there anything I can do about it?
  2. Is there a bulk way to stop images from apearing in the compiled PDF, other than checking and unchecing each item?


File size: No, some people have Gb size projects.
Deleting in Scrivener usually puts things in the internal Scrivener Trash. Did you empty it?

Thank you, lunk. Appreciate the file size tip. Good to know. On deleting, when erasing an image with the delete (backspace) key, the image does not go into the trash, rather it vanishes. Cheers


Any chance you’ve got snapshot of docs that still have images in them?

Just a thought…


Lol, 499MB is not that big, My WIP is 57GIG right now.

Where are you deleting this from? According to the manual (section 6.2.3), when you delete a file in Scrivener, it moves it to the Trash.

Are you using linked images and storing those linked images in a folder inside of your project folder? If so, Scrivener isn’t managing those extra files and could be bloating your project size. Section 15.7 of the manual talks about using linked images.

My assumption was the OP had originally copy/pasted images into the Scriv docs, then in the effort to reduce size, had deleted the images, but not the docs. If that’s the case, Scriv trash would not be involved, which is why I inquired about the possibility of document snapshots.

Good idea about linked images, though. That would also do it.


Thank you everyone!
Yes, the method is to paste a jpg/png in. The backspace keys deletes,
Again I find Scrivener’s adaptation to a new use case (for me) to be excellent.

I scanned 2250 of the family recipes, thankfully most of them typed. I paste each scanned image into a new Scrivener text and move on. Later I use Fine Reader and OCR the jpg, paste the coverted text below the jpg so I can see the original to correct the OCR, then I delete the jpg.

Good news is that I had a productive last two weeks, and file size dropped from 500MB to 350MB! It compiles to a 1296 page plethora of recipes so that is just lovely.