File size suddenly ballooned

I noticed that that Scrivener was taking a long time to quit. On 11/27 my .scriv file was 11.4 mb, today, 12/6, the .scriv file is 26.2 mb, and the backup .zip file grew from 19.7 mb to 26.2 mb. Is there a way to discover what grew? If I could discover the sizes of the components of the .scriv file the cause should be obvious.

I don’t know what I did, but I have been manipulating the draft in large chunks. I (inadvertently) initially imported multiple versions of some older writing. I have several duplications of sentences and even paragraphs, and am struggling to find and consolidate them.

Have you imported any images, added images to the text or imported any other research files? That would be the most obvious explanation. There’s no straightforward way of finding duplications unless you know particular phrases to search for.

All the best,