File Sync on First Run creates project in a blender. to Beta (886698) 64-bit

If there exists sync files from an earlier version - hilarity ensues

(Obvious fix is to delete/rename the sync folder, and not use the 1.9 sync files. I kept running it to see if I could pin down why it was throwing everything in the blender. Results were consistent.)

First run.

Original Project:
Approximately 230 files.
Sync is enabled to run on opening and closing.

First run of Beta (without disabling sync functions before upgrading)

Literally Project in a blender. Contents of file are in the correctly names file, although some files are duplicated in different parts of the Binder or lost. More details in the code tag

First run of Beta (disabling sync functions before upgrading)

All is calm. (Love the slight change to file names [##] is easier to read.)

To replicate:
Open Tutorial in 1.9 - Save as Project In a Blender Set up sync to a folder, Sync and close.
Open Project in a Blender in Allow to sync.

The majority of the blender is now just below Part 6: Syncing. (See attached image)

My files were not created sequentially, or have been moved to new locations. (or lost)
File names are from the defined sync folder

 - Draft/2 PreChapter -6-.txt
 - Draft/2 PreChapter [1].txt
 - Draft/7 PreChapter [6].txt

 - Draft/7 No Dramas -30-.txt
 No correlating file

 - Draft/23 Broken Sky -69-.txt
 - Draft/23 Broken Sky [22].txt
 - Draft/70 Broken Sky [69].txt

 - Notes/23 Donovan -191-.txt
 - Draft/135 Donovan [191].txt
 - Trashed Files/23 Donovan -191-.txt 


  - Draft/20 Shady work -121-.txt
- Draft/20 Shady work [19].txt
- Notes/17 Shady work [121].txt

It looks like the sync is trying to create two version of the file by using the actual order ## and the file creation [##] The synced files start out relatively proper, but with duplicated being made it is a complete tangled mess by the time we get the the last files.

It is not recommended to use Scrivener 3 to sync with external folders created by Scrivener 1. First sunc the external folder with Scrivener 1, upgrade the project to v3 and export via sync with external folder using Scrivener 3. Scrivener v1 and v3 have different project formats and what you have done might not always work.

Understand and agree completely.

Best procedure is to turn off sync in 1 before starting 3, but if you skip turning off auto sync - 3 will automatically try to sync on launch. muscle memory will lead to the ok button being pushed, and well, the above happens.

Would there be some way to prevent the sync dialogue from coming up on first run of 3, and archiving any old sync files found in the project? Possibly in with the conversion/import of the 1 file into 3?

I just know someone else will hit OK! on the popup, and than lose their hair when they see the salad it leaves. (I’m so glad I had a backup!)

You have a point. I will add it to our list of critical issues and try to improve it, to avoid this from happening accidentally.