File Transfer Issue

I have a desktop iMac and Macbook laptop. I tranfer files frequently between the two machines over our home wireless network.

But if I transfer a scrivener project between the two without first quitting out of Scrivener on the originating machine, the project shows up on the the receiving machine with all the files within the files I had edited in the session empty. The file is there in the binder, but all the text has vanished.

This does not happen if I quit out of Scrivener on the originating machine before I make the file transfer. This does not happen with .doc or .rtf files.

We’ve discussed this topic a lot, under the headings of synchronize, backup, copy, and transfer.

I believe the consensus is to:

Save your project file and close it.
ZIP the project file.
Then copy/transfer it to the other machine, drive, or network folder.

You probably don’t need to quit Scrivener, only save and close the project file.

I think the problem is that all of those files are open in memory, so the OS X file system doesn’t allow them to get copied as they are in use. I think. At any rates, you should definitely close a Scrivener project before backing it up or syncrhonising it.
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