file will not open

I was working happily away with beta 1.4, XP professional edition, saving every few minutes, when my husband turned on a space heater in another room and blew the fuse that supplied power to the computer. Now when I try to call up the project, I get the message: “incompatible with this version of Scrivener.”

I got the message twice. When I opened the program (after reboot), it came on. So I opened the tutorial, no problem. Opened another project, no problem. Tried to use the file-> recent projects menu to open my active book project, and got the ‘incompatible’ message again.

Can you help? I am so wanting to finish the scene tonight!!!


The power was interrupted during an autosave, causing a corruption in your project file. Aka, your project.scriv file no longer matches the contents of your folders. There is a thread over on the bug forum about how to get your stuff back: Corrupt/Incompat Project Files