File won't open due to being an older version

When I try to open one of my projects on my laptop, I get a message telling me I need to update the file as it is saved in an older file format. The file opens without issue on my PC which uses the same version of Scrivener. If I try to update, it fails. All of my other projects with the same file extension open on my laptop open without issue. Any ideas?

How did you transfer the project between the PC and the laptop?

I have everything saved on my OneDrive.

Perhaps not all files on laptop’s (or desktop) Onedrive folder are “local” and that confuses Scrivener which might be expecting all files in the Project to be local. And fully synced.

Thanks for that. Making the folder available offline has done the trick. It’s odd that I haven’t had a similar problem before but it’s working now, Thanks for your help.

I hear Microsoft changed things recently. i do not know details.

On Mac they changed to make Files On Demand the default, which wipes them off your local system unless you change that.

IMHO, up there with the most dumb-arse Microsoft decisions without consulting users.