File Won't Open

Currently running version 3.2.2. I believe I’ve had Scrivener since version 1.

This is the message I get (attached). I try the show package contents. All folders seem to be empty.


This seems to be the issue, and probably not Scrivener version. At least at first glance based on what you say.

I assume you noticed the “empty”-ness by looking at the folder and subfolders in Finder. And are the files there, but “empty”, meaning zero bytes in size or gone?

Perhaps first step in recovery would be to fire up TimeMachine (or other) backup and restore from the last good point for this folder and subfolders. Or look in Trash in case recently deleted.

Then try to figure out how files got deleted or otherwise corrupted. May be impossible to do, but have a think.

Have you updated Mac OS and chosen ”Optimise Mac storage” and syncing of Documents and Deskrip for iCloud Drive?

@lunk. Excellent thought. Didn’t occur to me (mainly since I don’t use that feature Apple offers as it leads to these sorts of issues).

So, problem solved then? :slight_smile: