filename as placeholder

My version and revision process relies heavily on the use of filenames and I often place the filename in a footer so that, after compile for print or PDF export, I can know exaclty which file was used to generate the content I am reading. THis process requires me to manually type a filename in the “abbreviated title” metadata field. Obviously this is prone to error whereas it would be much much much simpler to have a actual placeholder such as <$filename>.

Pretty pretty please.

To know exactly what file is the source, why not link to the file rather than importing it? You can make the external file a document or project bookmark, so it’s easy to open at will, and you save space in the project and its backups.

What “filename” are you referring to? The name of an individual component document in the project, or the name of the project itself?


I think the OP means an external filename.

Correct, I’m refering to the project filename itself


At the file/finder level, I have

Each v## is an iteration, and I’m iteratively compiling (usually to PDF) before moving on to the next virsion, so it’s helpful to know visibly which actual .scriv filename was used to generate the PDF that I’m reading. I’m currently at the mercy of manually entering that info as the “abbreviate project title” which then gets inserted into the footer, but it sure would be nice if I could simply use <$scrivenername> or <$filename> or something equivalent so that I am only typing that name one, at the file/finder level.

Although there is not a special placeholder for it, the formal project title itself (<$projecttitle>) is taken from the filename on the disk when you create the project. While it is true that if you then change the filename (or duplicate it and rename it in Finder, as it sounds like you may be doing), it will go on using the original title—but if you’d rather the Project Title track the filename faithfully, then simply delete the text in the Project Title field! :slight_smile:

In this case, you should see the filename (sans the extension of course) printed as grey text.

That’s the best insight I’ve had in a long time. Thank you!