filename incompatibility (win beta 1.3; mac beta 2)[NOTED]

Okay, had a scrivener project saved in win beta 1.3 to a dropbox synced folder with “:” characters in file names – that is, I was creating files and folders in my project binder with names like “arc: blah blah blah”. Installed scrivener 2 beta on mac, opened the project file. Saved it. Tried to open project again in win 1.3 beta – project doesn’t open at all…no freeze, no warning, just a blank fail. Took a look at the files saved – appears that “:” characters are saved to the mac file system as “”. On windows, dropbox doesn’t even display these files though they are reported as synced.

Recovered project by manually cutting and pasting. An obvious workaround for users is to simply not to use “:” or “/” or “” characters in their binder files and folders.

But something for the scrivener developers to note as a cross-platform issue.

I figured since I had both mac and pc systems, I could do heavy-lifting on the latest mac version scrivener, then use my PC laptop for portable writing. I’m guessing this SHOULD work, barring this issue.

GREAT software literature and latte gang – looking forward to advances on the windows version!



Thanks Dennis, there is a bug raised to check for specific characters in filenames such: /?%*:|"<>.

I guess if the Windows Scrivener encounters any of these within a Mac or other project file name we need to display a useful message to allow the user to simply rename the file and try again.