Filenames of the embedded files

While I consider the embedding a great feature of Scrivener, I observed that it does rename the files to something really cryptic {number}.{ext}, and I consider this a real problem because: when I open the embedded document in the editing application, I see the criptic filename, making really hard to “guess” what file are you really editing.

Is there a way of solving this, or can this be considered in a future version?

No, there’s no way of resolving this, sorry, and the internal numbering is very important. Using binder titles for file names limits the ways you can manipulate and rename the files.

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Thanks Keith. This means that I will consider another approach, where I keep my documents outside the Scrivener project. I just hope that when I insert an image linked to file, it will use a relative link instead of an absolute link to the image.

Now I fully understand why many are interested in getting symlinks into the binder. So far I will stick with the “Make Alias” and drag-n-drop it to binder. It is not so cool because I loose the preview but at least I am able to open and edit a file with a clear name.

I also found visual solution for creating symlinks at … 4520#24520

You have to be careful to properly rename the symlink in order to keep the original file extension if you want to be able to use preview.

Now I can only hope this in the future you will accept to auto add files as symlinks when people drag them with the Cmd+Alt key pressed (like Finder).

See my other post on this - check out the latest beta which will show you the preview of image aliases:

You can’t use cmd-opt-drag, but you can use File > Import > Research Files as Aliases or create the aliases in the Finder first and drag those in.