files inside research folders included in draft?

Is there a reason why files inside folders inside the Research folder are automatically included in the draft (and the option to uncheck the “Include in draft” box unavailable)? It doesn’t seem to affect the number of words in the draft target, but it totally throws off session target word counts. It also seems, you know, unintuitive to force anything outside the draft folder to be included in the draft. Thanks!

The reason why that checkbox is enabled is that it is a document creation default. Rather than set the option dependent on where you create the item, it just always gets set to Include. This reduces confusion if items are later dragged in the Draft and don’t automatically get included. Some might miss that the checkbox is disabled. That would be the reason for it. There would probably be more support issues if the checkbox were routinely disabled, than otherwise. If that seems like an unlikely scenario, a lot of people use a project to keep track of multiple draft revisions. They’ll rotate entire drafts in and out of the Draft folder. If those checkboxes automatically changed themselves according to where they were, they could produce a lot of headaches in cases where a lot of mixed items are included/excluded in the Draft.

The second reason why it is enabled is because it doesn’t hurt anything. As you note, stuff outside of the Draft doesn’t get compiled into the Draft anyway, so this checkbox means nothing to items not in the Draft.

Session target is incremented for all text typing (excluding note fields and other meta-data of course). The inclusion checkbox makes no difference in this case. Session targets were originally meant for counting all content creation in a project. However, because some people, like yourself, prefer to only count literal production words in the session goals, a set of options have been added in the next version which will allow a much greater degree of latitude in defining what should be applied toward session goals.

So in short: don’t worry about the checkbox. If it isn’t in the Draft, the checkbox is meaningless and doesn’t impact anything.