Files no longer open in Right Editor

It used to be that if my cursor were in the right-hand editor, any document I opened from the binder would open in that editor. Recently (since the last update?) documents only open in the left editor, no matter where my cursor is. This is frustrating–– apparently the only way to get a document that I want in the right editor is to go back to a single editor view, then flip back to double. It is very distracting.

Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Check Navigate > Binder Selection Affects



Thank you! I could not find this addressed in the Scrivener manual using any search terms I could think of. “Binder selection affects” is such an odd name for this function.

When in doubt, if the window is doing weird things you aren’t used to, try the Navigate ▸ Clear All Navigation Options command. As for the manual, most of this stuff is in Chapter 12: Project Navigation, and more specifically under §12.2, Controlling Sidebar and Editor Integration.

To be fair, that’s not the “function”–it’s the path to the function. Adding any of the sub-menus to it makes a sentence… of sorts:

(The) Binder Selection Affects … (The) Current Editor.
The binder selection affects the first editor.
The binder selection affects both editors.

One new feature, which mimics what most Mac programs do, is the search tool under Help. If you type in “editor” into that search tool, you’ll see all the menu items that contain the word “editor”, and you would see the full path of Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > First Editor, including if that function is active (the check-marks indicate that).

This search function is invaluable when you’re trying to find menu items.