Files not showing up in window

OK, here’s a strange one that has thrown my work into confusion again. Maybe somebody can suggest what is going on, thanks.

So, I’ve got a long work in Scrivener. It’s divided up into many sections, files within folders. Been like this for ever.
A certain part of the book needs to be formatted differently for alternate pages. To achieve this simply I just converted the alternate pages into Folders and changed the formatting for Folders at this level. Worked great in Windows Scrivener.
The Windows version
The first standard page file, Life, works fine, you can see the structure in the binder and the text in the window.
The following page (alternate) , Return, is a Folder, but again, you can see it displays happily in the window and you can see the formatting difference.

Now to the iOS version.
You can see the same pages listed, the first two again being Life and Return. In the top image, the text of the Life file is showing.
But when the Return file is selected, doesn’t display the text. It continues to show the Life file. There is no option to select anything.

In Preview in the iOS version I can see both files, both formatted properly.

I just can’t open the Return version to actually work on it.
It’s the same on all the other Folders within this section.
Any ideas? Am I misssing something?

I’m guessing Return is a folder, not a doc, judging by the cork board icon. (And you do mention it is a folder.) Try tapping Return’'s cork icon (to the right of “Return”), then in the resulting empty editor panel on the right, tap the text icon above the editor’s window. That icon should turn into a cork icon and your text should be displayed.

If you do want Return to be a doc, swipe left in Return in the binder, choose “more” and then choose “convert to file”. The issue is that being a folder, when you try to view its text, scriv is showing you what’s in it, nothing, so the previous text displayed remains. You have to switch the view to the folder’s text, not what’s inside the folder, as I described above.

This process is not intuitive, took me a long time to figure it out.