Files Not Starting On New Page - Compiling

I love Scrivener 3 and have not had many issues with it that I couldn’t sort out while writing novels. However, I’ve spent the better part of a day messing around with Compile trying to get my desired result with no success. My frustration is high, so I’ve yielded with hopes that someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

What I’m trying to accomplish isn’t all that fancy. I’m doing some world building and want the files to be organized and compilable to PDF. All I want is for EVERY file to compile on its own page. For the life of me I can’t get that to happen. I’ve modified the section types to be ----Page Break---- and the compiler appears to ignore this completely.I’ve made custom sections, folders, and all other sorts of changes. Nothing. It’s as if I didn’t instruct the program at all.

Any help would be awesome, because I don’t have much hair to lose.

I figured out my particular issue. It appears to be a bug regarding tables at the top of a page. If there isn’t a blank line before the table, Compile will not insert a page break and the content will show on the page before. It was a rather frustrating thing to troubleshoot, but I eventually found it. Posting this update for anyone who stumbles upon my question who might have used a table at the top of their files as well.