how to know the filetype of images in research folder? jpg, png, psd

is there anyway to reveal the filetype in binder?

I don’t think there is actually a way of looking that up inside of Scrivener. You can click the Open in External Editor button in the footer bar though. That will probably open it in Preview and it will have a name like “22.jpg”.

thanks, that does work amber, however…

I wonder if the following could be put down as a feature request for keith and gang:

-in outliner view a column choice for filetype and file size (seems a natural)
-in prefs a binder view to allow a reveal of file extension


Sure, I’ve moved this topic over to Wish List for you. I was thinking myself another way of handling this would be to put the filename and extension in the title of the utility pop-up you get when double-clicking on the image.

But I also like the idea of having a preference to show the extension of imported media in the Binder, rather than automatically removing it. I leave that option turned off in Finder as well as I always like to know what I’m working with.