filter and compile

I have a manuscript with some folders (=chapters) at an early stage (status: first draft), while others at a more advanced one (status: revised draft).
I have defined the status just for the folder thinking, wrongly, that when filtering for “revised draft” in the compile window I would get the folder with the text files in it.
Do I have to tag the text files in the folders as “revised drafts” manually or there is a way so that the “children” get the same status as the “parents”?
PS: I thought that “Compile: Included documents” was to get this result, i.e. including the subfloders.

Most things in Scrivener are not child-inclusive. For example if you uncheck “Include in Compile” on a folder that contains a bunch of items, those items will still compile. This way you can create “dummy” folders that don’t actually do anything except help your own personal organisation—or advance the level depth of the files for the purposes of some special Formatting rule you want to set up. If you search for “Revised” status in project search, you won’t get any child files, but just the folder itself. There are a few exceptions to that, mostly with the statistics features however.

Yeah, what I do is set the status on individual pieces as I work on them, rather than adjust the state of their container after I’m done with a batch. So if I’m editing the pieces of a chapter folder, I change each piece to revised/done/whatever as I finished with it, then move on to the next. I generally do not mark the folders with anything unless they contain printable text themselves.

For now, do note you can select several hundred text pieces at once, right click on them, and set their status all at once. :slight_smile:

That toggles the behaviour of the “Include in Compile” checkbox. Normal behaviour is to act like the logic of the wording for this checkbox—but you can flip it around so only excluded stuff compiles—useful if all you want to do is print out your notes, if you work that way with note files in the Draft—or just compile everything regardless of the checkbox.

Thank you for your extensive reply.
I like to hear “what I do is…”, it is helpful and reassuring.