Filter columns & other progress tracking

I write non-fiction, so I have around 1000 text docs in each project, which is then transferred to InDesign at various stages.

I use the label and status pop-ups in Scrivener as a project management tool for writing projects, and they work far better than any other tool I’ve tried.

There are just 4 things missing that would make it perfect.

  1. A column filter with pop-ups, a little like OmniFocus. The existing search works, but it’s a pain to retype the label name each time.

  2. When you filter, they disappear from the sidebar - I want to keep the full outline in the sidebar and just filter the split outline/document central panel.

  3. Statistics. It would really help to have a count of each label/status when looking at the project stats. Wouldn’t it be great to have a burndown type of chart, showing how close you are to final draft… :smiley:

  4. I wish there were 2 more pop-up lists, or pop-ups were available for custom metadata. The reason’s simple - I’d have text status, screenshot status, design status and changed status. At the moment I’m having to track screenshot and design on a separate spreadsheet which is really inefficient. I’m trying to find a way to make custom metadata work for that, but to be able to search for all the items with a custom metadata state, I have to make sure I write exactly the same each time.

Even without that, Scrivener’s miles ahead of any other writing software. But it could be perfect!

To filter the outliner or corkboard, first type your search, then click the search results header bar:

Other types of custom meta-data, pop-ups included, are on the list as a definite for the future, but probably not until 3.0 given the complexity of the task (from a programming perspective). This will be coming, though.

Oh, and remember you can save your searches as collections, too, if you find yourself often repeating the same searches. A count of each label or status would be quite recherché for most users (a little like the word “recherché” should be, come to think of it…), though, I think.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Thanks Keith.

You’re amazing, you know that?!?! You’ve put so many options in this program, I’ve used it for years and I’m still finding new things. Collections will do the job pretty well for this I think - not quite as easily as seeing them in their hierarchy, but I think I can make that work well, thanks. I can find the counts that way too.

It’s great to know custom metadata pop-ups are on the agenda, thanks. I’ll wait with baited breath for 3.0. :laughing: Hopefully by the time I’m onto the next book, there might be a beta to play with!