Filter in Corkboard/Outliner View not coming up with ⌘F

This must be a bug. The shortcut never works (nothing happens) and after going to menu a few times the filter drop down finally reveals itself.

Seeing as how you described another odd case in the other thread, where Quick Reference float isn’t available, a simple reinstall of the software might be a good idea. Sometimes software doesn’t install correctly, and strange results with the interface is a symptom of that.

I’d have no problem reinstalling but I have a lot of customer shortcuts and preferences. What would I lose? I’m sure I’m going to have to eventually do it. What’s the best process? Thank you

User settings, system shortcuts and files are not included in the software itself. All you have to do is trash Scrivener from the Applications folder and then drag in a fresh copy downloaded from the website. I’d ordinarily say you should use the App Store if that is where you bought Scrivener from, but in this case there is a bug that Apple has yet to upload the fix for, so the version on our site is safer, and will run as registered software if you purchased from the MAS.

Thanks Amber I did as you said and didn’t lose anything. It seemed to have worked with filter and non-existent corkboard color chips, but I still am unable to Float QR under any scenario. fyi - I’ve always installed from the website (not Apple store).