Filter/search keywords list

I’m relatively new to using Scrivener but loving it so far. That said, one thing that would improve my workflow is to have a way to search/filter my growing list of keywords, i.e. I want to search/filter the keywords themselves, rather than the content they’re assigned to.

I have a lot of keywords. I’m using Scrivener for a thesis and use keywords for several purposes, including literature/research themes. When assigning keywords to a text, I’d love to be able to filter my keyword library to quickly find the appropriate ones. The autocomplete function as you type to add in the Keywords pane of the Inspector is useful but it would work better for me if what I typed was used as a search string to filter the list of potential keywords - a bit like the way the searchbox works inside the Help menu. Likewise, a way to search/filter the keywords in the floating keywords dialog would also be useful.

Hope that makes sense! Thanks for reading and for a great product.