Filtering by status?

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I’d like to be able to filter documents according to their status. So, in my manuscript, every chapter and sub document is at a different level of completion - from ‘not begun’, through ‘sketchy’, to ‘not bad’ and ‘good as I can get it’! It would be handy to group these documents automatically according to, say, ‘not begun’ or ‘sketchy’ so that I can concentrate on those. Is this possible? I realise that I can manually create a collection for that purpose, but I just thought I’d check first to see if there was an automated way.

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You’re pretty close! In fact collections can be automated in that there are two different kinds of them. There are the kinds you make by hand, and others that have their contents built on the fly based on a saved project search. For instructions on how to set one up, have a look at §10.2.4, Saved Search Result Collections in the user manual PDF, pg. 227.

Using Collections like this as a form of “todo list” is definitely one of my favourite uses! It is satisifying clearing out a tab and being able to finally delete it once you’ve gone past the phase of writing it represents.

Brilliant! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much, Amber.

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